Sometimes the television does not offer any new TV shows or any show, for that matter, that interests you. When that happens, boredom begins to set in and you start asking yourself “Can you watch TV on the Internet?” Well, the internet has been, for many years now, provided a quick solution to almost everything – from information to communication to entertainment. So, yes, you can watch TV on the internet.

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But the next question is this: How? There are some sites that offer live streaming. . A variety of choices exist for moving video across a home network. Several digital media receivers (DMRs) that work with the Windows Media Connect file-sharing protocol are available. With live streaming, the software is integrated into the free Windows Media Player 11, and the video or DRM movie is streamed without violating the licenses. Remember, though, that live streaming may require an Ethernet connection or a Wireless G or N connection whose speed is at least 54 megabits per second.

When streaming video, you can choose to watch it directly from your personal computer or to hook your PC to your television screen for a wider LCD display. What you can use in order to achieve this is an MPEG decoder card. The MPEG decoder card is a hardware PCI card that is put in your computer before it is connected to your television. . The quality of MPEG decoder cards is superb that it is even comparable to the quality of standalone DVD players. The problem with MPEG decoder cards, however, is that they only play MPEG, MPEG2, VCD, and DVD formats by default. In order to play DivX and MOV formats, you must have a very fast computer and a special player.

Now if you do not want to go for live streaming because your internet connection speed is too slow or if you do not want to wait for the video to buff, then you may want to download the video and then watch it later. Downloading means your movies are stored in the hard drive of your computer. No matter how many you download per day or month, they don't take up space in your home, unlike DVDs.

Also, streaming or downloading video spares you from the inconvenience of stepping out of the house to get to the cinema or a rental shop. You also get to save some money that you will otherwise spend on gassing up your car or riding a cab, as well as on snacks and beverages.

So, can you watch TV on the internet? Yes, indeed. With a computer and high-speed web connection, a blockbuster is just a download away.

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